Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moroccan Argan Oil by organix

I had experimented a bit with oils before this but nothing hit home like this one did. An oil that spruces up your hair, adds moisture back to dry skin and works well as a cuticle fixer-upper.... for $8? Too good to be true. And while that may be the case, that not everything in the bottle is pure 100% argan oil, it works swell enough for me not to be bothered not having the $50 half the size thing in my hand.

A little in the ends of my hair gives great shine and moisture but too much and I've ended up looking like a grease monster. Had to learn that the hard way. However, I've found I like it much more for it's moisture it gives me. A bit on my face each night and sometimes in the morning, it gives a great base for a solid moisturizer to go on. Doesn't make me face greasy, or cause foundation to fade. I think I've really found a steal, ladies and gentleman. Now I'm interested.... What other oils can I get drawn into? Body, face, bath, shower... The possibilities are endless, really.



  1. I am quite fond of argan oil I must admit. Haven't tried this but will keep my eyes peeled. Thanks!x

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