Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm Red Burgundy?

The title is a cheeky little reference to Anchorman, such a class movie. Lately I've found myself a bit obsessed with red/burgundy especially as autumn is right around the corner. The idea of a red lip, winged linger and a simple outfit seems so fall to me currently. But while the weather delays (it's still kicking strong at 70+ every day), I'm still trying to get into the autumn mood. These lippies are bold, bright, brilliant. I've fallen in love with each of them and think they're fab colors for many skin tones.

The first one is Rimmel's Red Alert (900). The brightest of the three, it screams summer while maintaining a new atmosphere. The formula is silky smooth, and the application is easy to work with. One thing that I like about Rimmel lipsticks are that they are easy to take off afterwards. With a brand like MAC, those don't come off even if you beg them to. The price is super affordable ($6) and not hard to get ahold of. I'm not so keen on the packaging, but I really do love the product.

The second lippie is Revlon's Black Cherry (477). I have been a fan of this colour for quite a while (since Essie first wore it in a video) and I immediately ran to get it. The genuine burgundy colour has slight violet/purple undertones and is a safe guarantee for a lovely vampy look. It's very easy to apply, and also easy to take off. The price is a step up ($8) but still not outrageously expensive. The packaging has a hint of Chanel to it but I don't adore it like I adore MAC tubes.It reminds me slightly of MAC's Rebel (though I don't have the guts to fork up that much for it yet). 

The final red is relatively new and it's by Kate Moss for Rimmel London called 01. This and Red Alert are very similar. Both are bright reds while this one has deeper/darker undertones of purple/blue. I love this one for the colour but the packaging is also absolutely gorgeous. I love the Kate with the heart on the tube, it's so cute.

What are your go-to lipsticks year round or for autumn?



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