Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buxom | Dolly

The other day I was just feeling a bit... Lippie. I had no idea what to buy but I felt like spending. Being relatively comfortable with my foundation routine (and not willing to spend $40 on anything worth trying), I reach for the next best thing. I reached out to my step mom, who I had recently had lunch with, and asked her what type of lipgloss she used. She often applies after dinners out together and I'd always thought it looked so glamorous. I wanted to get back into lipgloss, and wanted to test out a product that was completely new.

Buxom is a part of the Bare Escentuals line that focuses on plumping naturally and bringing out your best natural features. I chose one called Dolly, a slightly shimmery muted plum. On the lips, it brings the most gorgeous natural finish with just a hint of color. The actual lipgloss may make your lips tingle a bit as its supposed to help plump just a tad.

At $19, it's a stinger but not as bad as my recent Chanel purchase... You win some you lose some and with these brands, it's always a bit of both.

P.S. This is my 100th post. Thanks for your support :)


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