Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chanel | 54 Boy

This is it... My first Chanel lipstick has been chosen. This is the beginning of the transition from girl to lady. And I've picked the one called "Boy" .... How fitting.

I wanted a practical, every day worthy lipstick that I can wear with any outfit, makeup, hair style, etc. At first, I reached for the more matte, long lasting ones but realized that I prefer reapplication over dried out chapped lips. With the help of my dear friend Denita (she's helped me over five times... we exchanged cards- ha!) I picked out a Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy. Denita said it was the most featured in their ads and is perfect with my skin tone. At $34, it is pricey but there's something about the click and twist, the perfect gold and black packaging in front of envious eyes that makes it all worth it.

What was your first Chanel purchase?



  1. Such a gorgeous colour! The shimmery look is really nice! If only my purse strings would stretch for this! xx