Monday, October 8, 2012

Clarisonic Mia Review

I may be jumping on this train slightly late but I wanted to get a full trial with my Clarisonic before giving it a proper review. To help you decipher my skin type, I have slightly acne prone, very dry/dehydrated skin. I almost never get oily and my T-zone is usually normal. I purchased my Clarisonic from Macy's, they are available in Nordstrom and many other shops.

My first reaction to the Clarisonic was how clean it made my skin feel, if even a bit tight in certain places. It felt very relaxing and is really nice to not have to do much while giving my skin a deep clean. I started using it once a night and sometimes do it morning+night because I adore the feeling it gives my skin. Unlike it's younger sister, Clarisonic Mia 2, this only has one speed. I'm not too upset by this as I think it would create more complications on my part by trying to figure out the perfect speed. I had quite problematic skin when I first started and this cleared a bit of it up within the first week. I was really attracted to it after that because of the initial results. After using it for about six weeks, I've found that I have fallen more in love since the beginning. It's so easy to use, very compact, and refreshing.

It retails at $120 which is steep but if you think you'll get a good use out of it, I'd say it is definitely worth every penny. My sister and I share one while switching brush heads and between us, we've probably used it nearly 170 times I'd say. Another side to consider is that my sister who has used it just as consistently as I have, has quite different skin from me (oily) and has gotten really nice results as well. The kit I purchased came with a charger which attaches magnetically to the little bump under the power button, a cleansing facial wash, and the cover. I'd love to purchase the travel case as it helps keep water from splashing all over your counter, clothes, makeup bag, etc. While it has the translucent cover over the brush head, the bristles do remain wet after one use and in the evening, if I've used it in the morning, it is often still wet. I'm not sure if this is a turn off, just thought I'd mention it.

Have you tried the Clarisonic? Tell me what you thought in the comments.


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