Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Wishlist Part Three

christmas wishlist part three

First up in our last installment of this series is some Muji storage. You wouldn't believe how often bloggers and YouTubers talk about how they store their makeup... And alas, I've become inclined to jump on the Muji train. I have some tacky Target storage cases but after a few years of use, they're a tad worn out and need replacing. I am so so so obsessed with trying out the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick collection. I've mentioned them in at least two blog posts, searched incessantly for them for the last three months and even had a dream about them (okay, thats a lie). But nonetheless, I need them in my life. I'm especially drawn to the red, as I don't have a good matte red lippie although I'd love to try them all. Next up is Bobbi Brown 'Nectar' blusher, which my mom currently has but she's tired of me stealing it. It's the most natural pink that goes so well with my skin tone. Every time I enter Sephora, I'm drawn to the Ojon haircare.... But can never manage to cough up the $50+ for both shampoo and conditioner.

I've really been in love with Lauren Conrad's style for the last few years and would love to read her book, Beauty, as well as any of Bobbi Brown's stunning books. Her transformations are so inspiring and I love to flick through them while I'm browsing the counter. I've heard so much about Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers but have never been able to snatch them up.. They had a wonderful deal on them at Sephora but I wasn't fast enough and they're sold out now. Everyone sings praises of Benefit's High Beam. The colour, pigmentation and long wear time are so appealing to a full time student, part time employee. I stopped by the Sephora counter last weekend and did a little look around for a signature scent. One that popped out to me was Summer Rose by Stella McCartney. I've heard plenty about this one and I think it suits me perfectly... It's exactly how I want to smell.

Phew! We have made it to the end of my three part Christmas Wishlist... This was mostly just gift ideas for others, and tips for my lovely family members.

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