Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream

With countless dyes over the last few weeks, I've finally fixed my hair colour.... And ruined my hair in the process. I expected this to happen and knew that with a few extra bits and bobs, I'd have close to my natural hair back. I picked this one up after my fourth dye job within three weeks. It was a toughy this time around, and I'm not exactly sure why. A bad toner here, a poor color job there and finally... gobs of money later an appropriately cool toned blonde for my locks. One of the first things the hair stylist recommended me was a leave-in conditioner to bring back protein and strength to my already course hair. Of course, she shoved out the one that cost the most but in fact, I think it works the best for it's price. One thing that my hair desperately needed after all of the dye was rest and recuperation. This works amazingly for dry, thin, damaged hair. It's designed for extra long hair (like mine). I apply it from shoulders down, aiming away from my roots and working some extra product into the ends where I have the most damage.

I'm not too keen on the packaging, I think it looks a bit cheap for the price... However, it does the job without any extras and I applaud them for that. One of the most expensive products I've ever bought, I have to say that I won't be repurchasing this one. At almost $50, it's a real spender and when I was rung up, I nearly choked on my complimentary green tea.

If you have colour-treated hair, how do you repair it?


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