Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mini-Review: Essie "Snap Happy"

This colour is true as ever to its name, in the snap of a finger, it makes me happy. Not sure if thats what they were going for, but the colour is fresh and new. I've mentioned Essie many times on the blog before and my review will continue to be the same. The colour is pigmented, the brush is easy to work with, the price is pretty good and the selection/range of polishes is out of this world. One of the reasons I continue to go back to them is that they have an incredible value of shades to choose from. Need a nude? They've got at least ten options. A sparkly glitter? Recently added but really brilliant colour choices for these ones as well. I own the most Essie probably because it is very accessible to me and relatively cheap. I don't feel guilty buying one or two when I stop by the drug store.

I found it fairly hard to get a decent exposure to this colour, because it is very bright and as you can tell, it's been particularly rainy and gross recently. I hope these pictures did it justice. I've had this painted on my nails since Sunday night and I've had no chips... Though, I am tempted to reapply with some of the others I've picked up recently.... Whoops!


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