Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chanel Harmonie du Soir Palette

I bought this for my mom's birthday as she kept pointing it out to me when we went shopping together and she kindly let me review it for my blog! The four shades are described as "bronze gold, taupe, violet plum, and pink." This palette, part of their Holiday collection, is incredibly useful for the holiday season and especially useful for women with warmer skin tones. All four shades have incredible color pay off and pigmentation that is out of this world. I have never tried a Chanel palette where all four (or however many) shades are equally pigmented. I find that for $65, I could never buy this for myself. I always seem to relate palettes to each other, so for example the Naked palette is $50 and you get 12 shades and .4 oz (15.6 g) of product versus 4 shades and .14 oz. Of course, you also get the stigma and glamourous feeling of wearing/using a Chanel product.

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