Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lush Haul

A French Kiss Bubble Bar - You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt - Bubblebeard - Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I felt a little in a funk earlier this month and went out to pick up some Lush treats to cheer myself up. I knew that what I mostly wanted was moisture and comfort rather than pretty bath bombs (though I think those are marvelous as well.) A French Kiss smells and looks gorgeous. It smells so much of lavender and reminds me of summers at the lavender farm! The added lavender is so cute and I can't wait to use this.
I already used part of my You've Been Mangoed, and it smells delightful. It makes the water less drying on the skin and creates a perfectly relaxing mood. It practically melts in your hand when you hold it, so it virtually disappears immediately beneath the water. I cut mine into thirds to get more out of my money.
The Bubblebeard is a new bubble bar that is reusable which is so nice! I hate using up Lush products too quickly because I feel like all my money has gone to waste. It has a nice lavender and sandalwood scent that is almost masculine. The first bath will cast a slight shimmery glow to your skin afterwards due to the shimmers in it, but they float off after the first use. For $10, I hope I can get at least ten uses out of this, maybe a few more! It seems quite substantial. It doesn't create the best bubbles but enough to "cover your modesty" as Meg (meganisobel) says.
My last purchase which I made on a whim at the front counter was this Bubblegum Lip Scrub. This lip scrub will always remind me of two people: my best friend, Anneliese and my sister, Meghan (who both like to eat it rather than use it on their lips). I picked this up for my sister originally but may manage to steal it for a bit. I think $10 is pretty rough considering it's made of sugar and oil. I could make that! Hmmm....

Holidays are coming up! What are your favorite Lush Holiday products? I know that Snowfairy is a cult favourite...



  1. I really like almost all the Lush products)
    Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me! <3

  2. Nice lush Haul!