Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

Some Sunday's will always be reserved for laundry, watching the whole first season of The OC, and face masks. Unlike others, this was exactly what I did with my last Sunday. I ordered this babe of a mask a few weeks ago. Along with Antipodes it was one of the first brands I couldn't wait to try. After a run (one of my new years resolutions-- wahey, I did a post about it here!) I took a hot shower, threw on my robe while I adorned my face with this mask and caught another episode of the teen 2005 hit. I've read quite a bit on it but never expected it to feel as it did. My initial reaction was that it smells very citrusy which was an absolute plus to me. I adore the scent. My second reaction was that the texture was very thin, easy to spread, and it's brown in color. Upon application it dries faster in some places than others and it felt tight on my skin after a couple of minutes. It creates a silly look (as seen above) with my skin looking like I may have come down with a serious case of some infection. In coordination with other masks this is a great one, for sure. Because my skin has been in good shape recently (not sure what's up with that.... maybe I can attribute it to my healthy habits!) I didn't see a real difference in it. Although, my few healing blemishes seem to have gone down in size and redness.

The price was a stinger for this one. At $37, it wins second most expensive face mask I've used. As the product is supposed to be applied in a very thin manner, I can only hope this one will last for a while. My thoughts are similar to the aura manuka honey mask... Love it, just hope that it lasts for a good time span before having to consider raking out another bit -- plus shipping. Boo!

Do you have any other favorites from Aesop? I've heard so much but have no idea where to start!


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  1. I really want to try it, it seems to be loved by many! The effect looks rather silly but hey if it works. :)