Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Muse #1

What I've Learned From Olivia Palermo:

Don't be afraid to be a bitch
Ah the distant memories of The City come flooding back... I will never forget the way those girls hated her. But you know what? They may have hated her for doing her job the way she knew best, but she's come out on top and she's got a hot boyfriend to prove it.
Smile like you've got a secret
There's always something more to Olivia's style than just her clothes. It's the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she seems effortlessly put together, the way she smiles and more. Her unique sense of style is brought back to her personality, more than anything.
Be a Trendsetter
Never be behind on the Trends, and never be afraid of working with them. You always know that if there's a new trend out there, Olivia is the first to mix it with her own clothes and rock it. She's never behind on the times and even whilst walking her precious little pup, she's still seen with a face of makeup, hair done, and sunglasses on nose.
A Girl Always Looks Better With Sunglasses On
If only this were year round applicable for me *collective sigh* She's always got a pair of sunnies on, no matter what. What's even better is that she knows her look, her style and she continuously rocks the same pair (or a similar one, maybe a new brand). She's got the classic Wayfarers with a bit of catty sass on the edges.

Best wishes to all you babes out there. Aspire for a little more Olivia on this Monday. x

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