Friday, January 4, 2013

Stella | Eau de Parfum

This year, I decided that I needed a scent. You know that girl who always wears the same perfume, religiously, has a stash in every corner for her little fix and you can smell it waft over to you from across the Subway, despite the homeless man sitting next to you? Ah, yes. I decided to try to be more like her. I picked up the smaller bottle (1 oz) of Stella at Sephora a few days before Christmas and let me tell you... I've never been more in love with a bottle of perfume than I have been with this one. It's sophisticated, a bit girly, floral, and intense. With obvious direct notes of rose, it's balanced out by amber. Exactly like the rose it smells like, it makes me feel simply delicate. I know for sure that when I run out of this baby, I'll be picking up the 1.6 oz which retails at $72 versus this 1.0 oz at $50. They also have a rollerball version for $20, which I am still considering picking up to have handing in my bag.

Floral, sensual and grown up. The perfect match for what I was going for.

What's your signature scent?


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