Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 13 of 2012 | Part Two

There it is in all its' shining glory. My stash of must haves, praise God's, etc. They look so happy together, dontcha think?
 01. Face
This was the year of the BB Cream, definitely. But this was also the year I branched away from MAC, and realized that they were not the only good high end foundation. I adored the Maybelline BB Cream (and still do) over summer and somehow, Bobbi Brown popped in my basket and became a new favourite as well. Like most everyone, I apply The Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I absolutely recommend you pick this up. For me, it's a must have.

 02. Cheeks
This was the year also of the dressed up cheeks, as well as radiant skin. For my birthday, I received the  MAC Soft & Gentle which has saved my life in terms of highlighters go. It's a blush, its a highlight, it's an eyeshadow -- Oh, and whats that? There's so much product that there's no way I'll run out any time soon. Maybe in 2015. And then it was the discovery of contouring and brown-pink blushes, such as Douceur from NARS.
 03. Lips
I found my signature red this year, which was a surprise to me and to you. I didn't know that there was such a thing but I fell head over heels for Kate Moss' lipstick range for Rimmel in 10. And it was also, the year of the Revlon lip butters and I, too, fell to the evil that is the lip butter. Once you buy one, you want another and so on, until your drawer doesn't close! I found my favourite one of those to be the Cotton Candy.
 04. Miscellaneous
It seems hard to believe that the Naked 2 only came out last year, doesn't it? I've loved and adored this palette, and passed it on to my grandma, mom, aunt, etc. It's a family favourite you could say. In the spring and summer, I was bonkers for this pastel blue from the NARS collection. It was such a fan favourite that my best friend is still in love with it and wears it all the time. I can't wait to wear that one again. And it was the year that I found the perfect primer for my oily little lids. Hats off to you, Too Faced!
05. Eyes
And last but not least, it was the eyes that were a main focus in my beauty routine. The Color Tattoos are so easy to apply, long lasting, and easily blendable that it became a staple! Finding the perfect mascara was also a challenge, but I really enjoyed Benefit's They're Real, Dior's Diorshow and some other babes.

What were your favourite products of 2012?

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