Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stila Convertible Color | 'Petunia'

 Applied 8 hours earlier:
 Applied 8 hours earlier:
Freshly applied:

Look at that smily tan face above! Won't be here for much longer. I can feel my tan seeping out of my pores as we speak... Wah (sad face) but I digress. Today, we are here to talk about one of my favourite things. Blusher. It was the Christmas of Blushers for me as I received three of them! I've had my eye on these Stila ones for quite a while as my mom used to have a few in her makeup kit and I'd always have to ask, "What's it for?!" I could never grasp the concept of a cream blush, which looks a bit like lipstick in a flat pan, but is for your cheeks. I was flabbergasted to say the least. But here I am, just a few years later and lightyears more knowledgable. What a babe of a color this is, especially with tan skin. I am very impressed by the wear time and the pigmentation.

It was hard to pick up the exact colour in the pictures above but I tried my best. I really love this little bugger and I hope that it will last for a long while. This is $25 which is a bit to fork out for a blush but as I said before, the wear time is phenomenal and the colour payoff is out of this world.

What's your favourite Stila colour?


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