Friday, January 25, 2013

Bobbi Brown | Nectar

This is one of those products that I've stolen from my mom since I was 8 years old. It looks great on her, so obviously, it looks great on me! My pale skin loves a little flush of rosy pink to my cheeks. I adore this all year round. In winter, it gets tons of use for a pick-me-up and in summer, I'm constantly reaching for it. The product is soft and so pigmented. I know that my mom's lasts her at least six months and often times much longer than that. I can see this being a staple in my blush collection for a long time to come.

At $25, it's a bit of a spender but what high end brand won't be a bit more pricey? With higher ends, comes higher prices, and often, longer wear time. I definitely find with this blush that it stays set all day and I only need a little extra boost around dinner for it to last all night.


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